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Parrot Jumping Race Mini Drone (White)

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Parrot Jumping Race Mini Drone (White)

The Jumping Race might appear grounded, but don't let its appearance fool you — this minidrone can still get some airtime. The Jumping Race is designed to leap up to 2.4 feet into the air and land on its wheels again without a scratch, make rapid turns with ease, and reach a speed of 8 mph. Both swift and agile, this minidrone is perfect for a race through an obstacle course. The minidrone's ultra-wide, strong-grip tires are adjustable so you can optimize your minidrone for either speed or agility. Keep the wheels extended to reach top speeds or put them in compact mode to pull of swift maneuvers. Piloting your minidrone with the FreeFlight Jumping app is so easy you'll be piloting your minidrone like a pro right out of the box. Race, make hairpin turns, and leap over obstacles with just a tap of the finger. The app can also send a direct video feed directly to your phone or tablet. The drone's embedded VGA (480x640) mini camera lets you experience the excitement in real-time. As fast as it is agile, the Jumping Race is perfect for passing others in the fast lane or just passing the time.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Condition Certified Refurbished
Packaging Hassle-Free
Brand Parrot
MFGR Sku 46013BBR
UPC 738516460130
What's Included Jumping Race Drone , Battery , USB/Micro-USB cable , 2 Rubber pads , Quickstart Guide , Stickers
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Connectivity App
Range 165 Feet
Recommended Age: All Ages
Color White


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  • Warranty : 1 Year Warranty
  • Packaging : Hassle-Free
  • Brand : Parrot
  • Model : Jumping Race

What's in the Box

  • Jumping Race Drone , Battery , USB/Micro-USB cable , 2 Rubber pads , Quickstart Guide , Stickers
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