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Parrot Hydrofoil Minidrone

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Parrot Hydrofoil Minidrone

Parrot Hydrofoil is a next-generation minidrone that can reach incredible speeds on water just as well as in the air. Let it zip through the air or let it hover gently overhead. If you're looking to get wet, just add the two floaters to the Hydrofoil's hull and the drone transforms into a high-performance boat. The Parrot Hydrofoil can reach speeds of 11.18 mph in the air and 6.21 mph on water. At top speed, it can even lift itself 5 or 6 cm out of the water. Simply detach the floaters when you want to take off again! It's easy to maneuver your drone indoors or outdoors with your smartphone or tablet. With a single swipe on the screen, Parrot Hydrofoil makes 90° and 180° turns and loops to the front, back and side. There's no need to worry about collisions damaging your drone because its propellers cut out in the event of impact. The onboard mini-camera lets you capture your performances and adventures so you can re-live them later and even share them! In both aquatic mode and aerial mode, the Parrot Hydrofoil keeps its balance and automatically stabilizes itself. The Parrot Hydrofoil's ultra-sophisticated technology makes it one of the most stable quadricopters on the market. Conquer the seas and the skies with the Parrot Hydrofoil!


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Additional Information

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What's in the Box

  • Hyrdofoil Drone , Battery , USB/Micro-USB cable , Hydrofoil structure , Quickstart guide stickers
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